Serving Atlanta... One Acre at a Time!
Tiffanie & Matthew Teel, owners

"ELM did a fantastic job with my property. Matt made my home look stunning and Tiffanie is a true professional. Wow! What a team. I will be a client for life."

– Kim Nehiley

Environmental Landscape Management (ELM) History

In 2001, Environmental Landscape Management (ELM) was founded in Lithia Springs, GA. With immediate success in lawn care service, we began expanding our service into landscape design and other outdoor services. We offer experience in a full service platform based on quality experience and first class customer service.

Our hard working staff has built solid relationships with our original residential customer base. We now continue this solid business process to our commercial, community, and government clientele.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build successful relationships with our customers based upon honesty, truth, hard work and dedication. While helping ensure a cleaner and safer environment, exceeding client expectations is our number one goal!

ELM Management Team

Matthew Teel, President of Operations, and Tiffanie Teel , President of Business & Marketing, strive to offer maximum, high-quality service at competitive rates. When you're ready for the next project to be completed at your home or office, please contact us. Matthew Teel will come by your location to give you a complimentary landscaping consultation!

Newnan Landscaping

Environmental Landscape Management (ELM) is rapidly expanding their operations into the South Atlanta, Newnan area.  If you are in South Atlanta, Newnan and are in need of Newnan Landscaping, please give us a call at (770) 403-1931 or flag us down!

Peachtree City Landscape Maintenance

We are also quickly spreading our operations into the Peachtree City & Senoia area. If you are in the Peachtree City area and are in need of Landscape Maintenance, please give us a call at (770) 403-1931.

Senoia Lawn Care

ELM is actively pursuing lawn care business in the Senoia area. We have personally relocated to South Atlanta and are poised to do more due to our new Senoia lawn care routes. If you are in the Senoia area and are in need of Senoia Lawn Care services, please give us a call at (770) 403-1931.

Service Areas

Environmental Landscape Management (ELM) serves South Atlanta as well as areas as far as forty miles out from Luthersville, Georgia. We have serviced clients in Alabama so we aren't averse to driving! Included in these service areas are Newnan Landscaping / Peachtree City Landscape Maintenance / Senoia Lawn Care, and the following sampling of service areas:

Lithia Springs
Lone Oak
Peachtree City